Benefits of Juicing

Child drinks milk shake

People are becoming aware that fresh juice brings many benefits for health and therefore many are designing their own juice diet. Juicing is such a versatile exercise that you can juice anything from fruits to greens and even wheatgrass to obtain the specific nutrients and enzymes that you need. Juicing allows the body to absorb the goodness of the nutrients and enzymes directly and quickly without having to process through the fiber and pulp. When you have a juicing habit, you will experience better health; especially if you tailor the juice to your needs.

If you have not started juicing yet and would like to try it out, it could be tempting to spend money on a cheap juicer, but it is much more advisable to read up on juicers before you make any purchase. You can do this here or search online for more information about the types of juicers. If you are unsure whether you will like to drink juice, I suggest visiting a juice bar that uses fresh, raw fruits and greens, and trying out several of the varieties there. It is more likely that you will enjoy juicing at home if you love more than one juice recipe.

To help you in selecting the best juicer, check out this website to read the best juicing machine reviews 2015 and more detailed recommendations. If you are ready to start looking for a juicer, the first step is to understand the different juicer types available nowadays. This is because each type of juicer has its advantages and limitations to what it can juice. There are citrus juicers that can juice only citrus fruits, and there are wheatgrass juicers that juice wheatgrass. Some juicers are more versatile and can juice almost anything.

Citrus juicers are simple and normally come with a cone and a container to collect the juice. The container often includes a spout to pour from. You can find manual or electric ones, some of which also has a pulp filter that allows you to control how much pulp you want in your juice. Electric models help you juice easily without having to use arm strength, and many of them have exchangeable cones of different sizes. Citrus juicers are often the cheapest juicers around. More reading here.

More people prefer the centrifugal juicer, because it can juice a lot more varieties of fruits and vegetables. Although it cannot juice leafy greens, the centrifugal juicer is able to juice citrus fruits, hard fruits and vegetables like apples and celery.

Wheatgrass juicers are more ambiguous in their definition, but they often are juicers that juice only wheatgrass. However, some can also juice leafy vegetables and sprouts. Manual wheatgrass juicers work just as well as electric ones. They are either made of plastic or stainless steel, but the blades must be stainless steel for effective juicing. This type of juicer cannot be used effectively for fruits or other vegetables and the higher quality models can be expensive. Read the top recommendations.

If you would like to juice leafy greens, wheatgrass, as well as fruits, you may be more interested in the masticating or triturating juicer. These juicers can juice anything, and they are even designed to make pasta or nut butters, but they are relatively the most expensive.

Juicing Benefits

The Best Wedding Present I Ever Received

When I got married several years ago, I was not really expecting much in the way of wedding presents considering that it was going to be my third wedding and many of my friends were probably getting tired of spending their money on me all the time. So after the ceremony and the short honeymoon when we settled down to open the presents, I was not very surprised to find that one of the boxes contained a Japanese kitchen knives set. We were supposed to be moving into a new house with my new husband and I had not had any time to shop for utensils or cutlery so the Japanese knives set was a very thoughtful gift.


At the time I thought the kitchen knives set was a little too much for me. It had so many knives and I was not even sure about the purpose of some of them. Basically, they were what you would expect to find in the kitchen of a professional chef working at a high end restaurant. As a simple girl who grew up in the city, I was used to kitchen settings that did not include so many different knives. Now here I was with all these strange pieces. However, I decided to go with it and took it upon myself to learn the names and uses of each and every knife within the set. I was pleased and surprised at what I learnt.

Each of the knives has its own unique Japanese name and most of them have interesting histories within the general Japanese culture. Thinking back now, several years after the wedding, I am sure that out of all the wedding presents that we received on that day this Japanese kitchen knives set is arguably the one that was the most precious considering that I have kept it this long and still cherish it to this very day.

Top 3 Blenders I Recommend

blendingLooking for a good blender can be tricky at times with so many varieties to choose from and with many coming in different sizes and differing performance wise and cost wise. However, out of the many types available in the market, the following 3 is my favorite so you might want to look at these when looking to buy one. You can check out this blender review for more blenders too.

1. Ninja Ultima Blender – This is the type of blender that is especially made for those users who are looking for a powerful blender and are also looking to save some money. It uses 1500 watts of power which give it a very impressive performance rate. It has two single-serving jar attachments which is ideal for blending smooth morning meals into a seal-able go-to glass. Amounting to a cost of $259, this blender is definitely a middle ground for you girls who are looking for something strong and affordable.

2. Vitamix 7500 Blender – Being the most recognizable manufacturers in the market, Vitamix have released a new model, the Vitamix 7500 which has a motor reaching a peak of 2.2 horsepower and is equipped with sharp blades which spin at about 37,000 rpm. Its power outshines most blenders in the market today, however, with this power, comes a hefty cost of about $529. If you are looking to buy an extremely powerful blender regardless of cost, then the Vitamix 7500 is the way to go.

3. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blender – This is my favorite blender for basic blending. Its performance may not compare much to the other 2 blenders above, but it is perfect for blending smooth foods like milkshakes, flour, whipped cream, salsas etc. It uses 700 watts of power which doesn’t give it a lot of power to blend harder substances, but it will still complete its job admirably. Being one of the cheapest blenders available in the market today costing about $39, this blender is the best way to go for users who are looking for something cheap with average performance.

Find out the top 10 blenders in the market in this site.

All About My Favorite Awesome Kitchen Gadget – Microwave

In the early days, owning a microwave stove was not just extravagant, it was unconventional. The principal models of Microwaves were a huge number of dollars, weight more than 700 pounds, and were more than 5 feet tall. The microwave oven has developed significantly throughout the years, and Ooh! Convection cooking and with a microwave as well! I simply love this innovation

Microwaves arrive in various models today yet they all have the same objective: warm up sustenance or altogether cook the food in a quick and productive way. The microwave stove is one of my most loved kitchen contraptions. A microwave oven can be a standout amongst the most stunning ponders in the cutting edge kitchen. It can cook, warm your leftovers and even prepare baked items! Microwaves are simply the best!
Cooking vegetables in a microwave oven
Some of the microwaves are ideal for seniors like my mom who has extraordinary trouble with the dexterity and the vision that are important to work a touchpad. Some of them are so natural to use, with one handle for force and the other handle for time. It’s sufficiently little to not take up a considerable measure of counter space, yet sufficiently vast to rapidly warmth up a supper plate or the large bowl of food. Those microwaves aren’t constructed for overwhelming obligation or complex cooking errands, however it’s simply what I needed and my mom is extremely agreeable with it and I can say as the microwave oven reviews 2015. Once more, it’s a decent microwave for little spaces and ideal for the individuals who need to keep things straightforward and safe.

The models of microwave are the most well known one among all the kitchen devices. They are ordinarily more reasonable and the procedure to introduce these is substantially more straightforward. You should simply tidy a spot up on the counter, sit it on the ledge, plug it into the fitting outlet, and you can start cooking up stuff immediately

Apple Fritters and Cinnamon Ice Cream: Desert for Champions!

Saturday was probably one of the better days of this week. I woke up expecting the weather to be all gloomy and dreadful like the previous two days. To my surprise the sun was at its full capacity. I opened up all the curtains and put on some Rihanna.

As I was about to step into the shower when my phone lit up. Morning text!!! Maybe it was Kyle, he hasn’t checked up on me in a while. I almost smashed my head against the dresser as I leaped on the bed and grabbed my phone before Joan could. It was from my mom. She had finally texted me her secret Apple Fritters with cinnamon ice cream.

I think this is the pick me up I needed. A beautiful Saturday morning making my favorite desert with my two best friends. I took a quick shower and went to the store to get what I needed. I picked up cinnamon ice cream, green apples and a few lemons. I knew I had flour, sunflower oil and sodium bicarbonate in my pantry. This was going to be the best fritters and ice cream ever made.

First I peeled the apples and sliced them up into rings. I tossed the rings in some lemon juice and set them aside. Next I made the batter. I used flour, sodium bicarbonate, caster sugar and a pinch of salt. It was now time to make the fritters. I dashed over to my neighbors place and borrowed her deep fat fryer.
apple fritters
Making fritters is pretty easy. First things first make sure your deep frying oil is hot enough. If it is dip the apple rings in your batter and deep fry till each side is brown. After your done dust the fritters in icing sugar.

The next step is optional but it makes up half of the recipe so it really adds a kick. It’s the ice cream. Mom uses vanilla but I made her change it to cinnamon. It’s heavenly. Try it and tell me what you think!

Consumer Choice of the Best Espresso Machine


An espresso coffee maker could be the hidden secret to making that great cup of coffee you have been longing for. That is why you should embark on finding the best espresso coffee makers. Here are some of the espresso machine reviews 2015 on the best models in the market.

Breville BES900XL Nespresso Citiz

  • It is rated among the best Nespresso Citz coffee makers on the market. This coffee maker features a host of control buttons, which help in giving users full control of the coffee making process. It comes with a sturdy construction that explains in detail why it is highly durable. It also features an auto-shut off system that makes it easier for you to make your cup of coffee without worrying about when to switch it off.

Delonghi Esam3300 Magnifica

  • This super automatic coffee maker boasts of an ergonomic control panel, a patented brew system and a cappuccino system frothier. All these features make this coffee maker the perfect machine for mixing milk and steam for purposes of creating a thick froth. It features temperature control buttons, reheat functions and decalcification indicators which are specially designed to alert you when it is time to clean this machine

Krups Espresseria


If you are searching for a coffee maker that is capable of crushing even the hardest of coffee beans, then this is the best coffee maker for you. It features a built-in grinder that is versatile enough to crush hard coffee beans within the shortest time possible. Once it is done making coffee, it will automatically shut itself off without your intervention. Its milk frothier and 7 separate flavor settings are all what you need to prepare a great cup of coffee.

Important features to look for in an espresso coffee maker


  • The coffee maker must be accompanied with a warranty that covers it from damages in the future. This is the best way of assuring you that the manufacturer has great confidence in the coffee maker.

Auto-shut off system

  • This feature is important since it will make it easier for you to make your cup of coffee devoid of hassles.

Milk Frothier

  • Though this is not necessary, it is however essential for you if you love taking coffee that is mixed with milk.

Additional information:
Choosing the coffee beans
How to make an espresso

Best Aroma Rice Cookers

If you want a good rice cooker that is reasonably priced, or even an economical rice cooker, then Aroma rice cookers are probably your best options. Aroma produces different models of cookers. They are ideal kitchen equipment both for large and small family. Below are Aroma rice cooker reviews:

Aroma ARC- 838TC 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker
This is a programmable rice cooker that only steams rice but can also be used to steam vegetables and meat. Meat and vegetables can be steamed at the same time as rice is cooking. It makes 4 to 16 cups of cooked rice. It also has a delay timer that allows you to set up your cooking needs many hours earlier. It comes with a manual that tells you how much water and rice to add. It comes with an easy to use digital control panel.

Aroma ARC – 150SB 20-Cup Cooked Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer
This is best for a restaurant. It perfectly prepares 2 to 8 cups of cooked rice. It steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below. It comes with easy to use digital controls with brown rice, white rice steam and warm functions. It also features a programmed 15-hour delay timer for meal planning. It is also great for stews, soups, and chilli. It is also very easy to clean.

Aroma Arc- 173 -3-Cup (Uncooked) 6- Cup (Cooked ) Rice Cooker
This is perfect for an individual. It can only hold up to 3 cups of uncooked rice. When it finishes cooking it automatically switches to warming mode to ensure your food is kept warm. It has a break resistant tempered glass lid to help you monitor the rice as it is cooking. It features a non stick pot for easy cleaning.

To get the best tasting rice, a rice cooker is a must have. Check out Aroma rice cooker reviews for more information on this brand.